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Who I am
A320 Airline Captain
A320 Family Training
The non profit TRTO

I'm Cyrille Bodolec, 46, French, founder and sole instructor of this TRTO. I live partly in Brittany (the end of the european continent to the west) and partly in Paris where the training could take place (but not only there)
I've been flying during the past 26 years, in the French Navy first (yes they have aircraft) then in the civilian aviation in various airlines, as contract pilot, on B737 & A320 and I've been captain on those jets since 1998. I still fly according to contracts attractiveness

As a trainer, I've been a flight instructor in the french navy on training jets, afterwards in the civilian, I've been a Line training captain as well as SFI. I'm also TRI.

Any advantages for your training to be trained by somebody like me ?

Yes and doubly !

First be aware that the Synthetic Flight Instructor (SFI) qualification is required to teach on a type rating. Since the experience requirement for that qualification is not very high, SFIs are often fairly low hours first officers with sometimes no hours on the type.
I'm an experienced line captain on the type, and that's quite different. You will learn much more with me, with direct links to real issues rather than academic ones.
Note that there are on the market Type Rating Instructors, generally well experienced airline captains, that act as SFI on temporary basis. Many TRTOs use those pilots. The law permits it, but SFI is not the same job as TRI, and conducting a whole type rating is very different from doing recurrent trainings like they do in their airline.
Although TRI, I'm also an experienced SFI. I worked at Airbus training in Toulouse, as SFI, training the crews of Airbus customers.

This said, you will have the opportunity to contact old trainees if you want to further assess the quality of my training. I'm pretty sure they are my best advertising, thanks to them since I have no intention to spend a single penny in ads, but to take advantage of word of mouth instead.
& Trainer (SFI, TRI, Line training Captain)